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As a Christian Scholar practitioner with research experiences from University of Oxford, England and Library of Congress Washington USA; couples with over 30+ years of intensive ministry as Youth Pastor, Sunday School Superintendent, Cross-cultural missionary team leader, serial church planter, pastor, teacher, certified counsellor, social researcher, author, speaker and gifted transformational leadership coach;  Dr. Ude is simply a rare combination unique skills and experiences any event organizer or local church leadership will need to move his organization to the next level.

Dr. Godwin Ude is also a Diplomate Certified Psychotherapist and Counsellor (D-CPC); Clinical Counsellor, Pharmacist, Theologian and Social Researcher who specializes in family, marriage, and relationship counselling. He is the author of five books including the best-sellers “The Other Woman”, “The Love Myth” and “Becoming Extraordinary”.

With degrees in Pharmacy, Counselling, Theology, Biblical Studies, Social Research and Sociological Integration of Religion and Society, he has committed himself to helping families, ministries, and marriages thrive rather than struggle to survive. Dr. Ude has pioneered several churches and ministries and currently leads Transformation Christian Centre, a multi-faceted ministry devoted to coaching, training, equipping, empowering both lay and called ministers employing Christ-centered discipleship.

Dr. Ude is a scholar with a rare teaching grace. He has empowered pastors and students in Europe, Africa, The Caribbean, USA and Canada. He is the president of Pacific Bible Institute that offers online quality Christian Education in various disciplines ranging from Associate Degrees up to Doctor of Philosophy in select areas of Christian Education.



Tel: 604 343 9905