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Dr. Godwin Ude is a certified Psychotherapist and Clinical Counsellor with Canadian Associations: Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors (CCCC); and Diplomate Certified Psychotherapist and Counsellors (D-CPC) of Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsellors of America ( EOCPC).

Effective counselling is expected to lead the client towards freedom from the causative factors that predisposed him or her to the condition or case in question. My team and I approach counselling from both directive and suggestive perspective. The goal is to explore and isolate the underlaying causes producing the consequences the client is laboring under. Depending on the severity of the counselling situation, a directive therapy with instructions and assignment will be required from the client if he or she desires total freedom. On minor situations, a suggestive guidelines and options are provided to the client based on proven counselling principles and protocols that have worked for others facing similar conditions.

Our counselling specializations are in these areas:

  1. Marriage and Family Therapy
  2. Pre-marital Counselling
  3. Trauma Counselling
  4. Depression and Anxiety
  5. Addiction and Drug Dependence
  6. Bereavement
  7. Eating disorder
  8. Youth and Teenage Mentoring and related cases, e.g: suicide tendency and poor self-image
  9. Pastoral Counselling (Ministering to pastors and Christian leaders)
  10. Clinical counselling and Psychotherapy (using relevant tests and instruments to isolate causative factors in order to provide targeted solutions)



Those who require our professional Christ-centred counselling are offered free initial consultation. This will help our team decide if you need further counselling or not. If we determine that the client needs further counselling, the length of the counselling as well as the cost will be disclosed to the client to help him or her make informed decision.


We provide counselling in our office on appointment for those within our community. However, we are also able to provide counselling via phone, text, skype, email, face-time, etc. for those outside our community who have access to any of the mentioned communication media.


Simply contact us via the contact form and let us know how to reach you.

You can also email:

Call or Text: 604 343 9905